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Asso Tapered Line


Asso Tapered Line


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Asso Tapered Line

Key features

  • Quality Co polymer Tapered Fishing Line
  • Low Stretch
  • Low Memory
  • Maximum Strength
  • Banded in 20 meter colour sections

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Asso Tapered Line is a single 220 Meter line which has a built in shock leader. Tapered lines offer 200 Meters of the lower diameter line then there is a knot-less taper going up to the thicker leader which is 20 Meters long.

Tapered lines offer a number of advantages to both Sea and Carp Anglers all of these stem from there being no knot. Firstly there is no leader knot for weed to snag on, which makes the Asso  the perfect choice in weedy fishing conditions. Another advantage of having no knot is there is no weak point, which ultimately means less lost tackle. Many Carp waters do not allow knots above the lead, which means no leaders can be used, limiting casting, however a tapered line gets around this problem and means a full power cast can be used.

These tapered lines are also made in coloured bands, so each 20 meters is a different colour, this is very helpful in working out how far you have cast and ensuring you keep putting your bait in the same place.

Each spool contains one single 220 meter tapered line.

Breaking Strain

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